Apple Sanctions Twitter App's Transformation to 'X'

  • Patricia Martinez
  • Aug 01, 2023
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Apple Sanctions Twitter App's Transformation to 'X'

After myriad adjustments to social handles, branding alterations, web redirects, and significant discussion from its proprietor, Twitter, through its app, has accomplished its rebranding to the singular 'X' on the App Store. This ground-breaking re-christening defies Apple's default rule of not permitting developers to adopt a single character for naming their apps.

Previous to this development, Twitter had reimagined its presence on the iOS and Android apps. The customary bird symbol was substituted with a fresh 'X' logo, and the app snapshots on the App Store also reflected this change. The hurdle, however, was in amending the actual name stated on the App Store. This unexpected challenge resulted from the App Store Connect, a platform for developers to regulate their apps, that did not sanction of an app name comprising merely one character.

Contrary to this, Apple seemingly approved Elon Musk's X Corp. — the formal proprietor of Twitter — to adopt a single-letter app moniker. Speculations about the cause and consequences of this exception by Apple are alive, and reaching out for official explanations is in process. Apple's response, if and when received, will be updated in this news piece.

The change in identity also affected its App Store slogan. The prior tagline, "Let's talk." transformed into "Blaze Your Glory!!" The reasoning or symbolism behind this quotation remains a mystery. Further contributing to this fascination is Mr. Musk's inclusion of the tagline in a recent Tweet without any accompanying clarification.

Simultaneously, the renaming process on Twitter's Android facet encountered no impedance as the evolution of the app name to 'X' incorporated the new logo too. Lastly, the previously identified X app that used the character 'X' interspersed with another unseen character to circumvent Apple's character restrictions has been rebranded. As alleged by the developers, this name alteration was willful and not induced by external pressures from Twitter/X or Apple.

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