Diablo 4 Mount Upgrades: Unleashing The Power Of The Horse!

  • Michael Johnson
  • Aug 02, 2023
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Diablo 4 Mount Upgrades: Unleashing The Power Of The Horse!

After an undeniably long wait, Blizzard Entertainment has unveiled the much-anticipated updates to the horse mounts in Diablo 4. This news is set to thrill gamers everywhere: from the Fractured Peaks to Estuar, stubborn skeleton barricades have long vexed journeymen and champions alike. However, with the forthcoming Patch 1.1.1, the traveling woes of demonic horde sweepers will finally be put to rest once and for all - your horse will be able to break barriers!

Joe Shely, the Game Director for Diablo 4, takes to Twitter to announce these exhilarating changes. His pledge? A thorough revolution of the mount charge mechanism where it will allow gamers' horses to break through barricades. Until now, unscalable ladders and indestructible barriers were the bane of countless expeditions - no longer will they be an impediment! But that's not all; an equally impressive surprise awaits players as they battle the terrestrial demons of Estuar.

The concept of 'free-but-annoyed' travel has been the hallmark of Diablo 4 since its release. The open world of this game has, most of the time, thrown a ladder or barricade your way right when you're about to claim a chest or valuable plant. However, Shely assures that no ladder will haunt gamers anymore. The 10-second mount cooldown applies after using ladders and comes patch 1.1.1; this will be reset. A simple tweak? Perhaps. A time-saver that can let you attend to the matter of gathering that valuable plant or treasure chest? Absolutely!

In Diablo 4, the gameplay experience also differs based on the hardware you use. Controller users have often lamented being at a disadvantage owing to the diminished speed boost from the Spur ability. Instead of the standard three stacks, their speed boost is only stacked twice. This imbalance is about to be rectified. The upcoming patch promises to level the playing field, thereby enhancing the overall gaming experience for the controller user community.

Combining the boon of our newly powerful steeds with exciting buffs to the Sorcerer and Barbarian classes, Patch 1.1.1 promises an invigorating fresh start to Diablo 4's first season. Get set to gallop gloriously through your demon-filled landscapes on August 8th, when Patch 1.1.1 goes live. Fretful Necromancers, take heart - the time to mount your horse and journey on is fast approaching!

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