Epic Games to Unveil Lego Styles for Famous Fortnite Skins in Upcoming Partnership

  • Patricia Martinez
  • Dec 04, 2023
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Epic Games to Unveil Lego Styles for Famous Fortnite Skins in Upcoming Partnership

Epic Games is all set to introduce a fresh wave of 1200 Lego-themed variants for renowned skins in Fortnite in an eagerly awaited partnership with the famed toy company.

The announcement about this latest team-up with Fortnite went public through a tweet, with a December 7 inception date. The tweet from Lego Fortnite nudged players to check their in-game lockers and the item shop to discover which skins have been given the Lego treatment. Those keen on viewing the entire selection can head to the official Lego website for a fuller perspective.

In a simple three-step process, players will have the opportunity to acquire a unique Explorer Emilie Fortnite Lego skin. First off, players need to become Lego Insiders, proceeding to link their Epic Games and Lego accounts, then navigate to the Epic Games website, select the Lego insignia, and finally, once in Fortnite, the new Lego skin will be waiting in the player's locker.

However, due to licensing constraints covering the vast array of officially endorsed characters, not all Fortnite skins will be eligible for the Lego version. Considering Lego's history of distancing from mature themes, it is improbable that characters such as the Xenomorph from Alien or Robocop will receive Lego-style variants.

On a brighter note, many licensed brands that have made their way into Fortnite, like Marvel heroes and Batman, have existing Lego iterations, paving the way for potential Lego skins corresponding to these characters in due course.

Fortnite has consistently dazzled with its cross-brand partnerships, injecting popular skins into its gameplay. Recently, the game celebrated the introduction of personas from the wildly successful comic and animated series Invincible, as well as Peter Griffin from Family Guy.

But the novelty of the Lego collaboration with Fortnite extends beyond character skins, heralding the arrival of a new gaming mode. Although specifics are currently limited, it is anticipated to be a mix of survival and craftsmanship elements. The Lego website even hints at a distinct gaming experience within the Fortnite umbrella, suggesting a venture into a realm where creativity intersects with incessant action—complete with Fortnite's trademark llamas—in "the ultimate survival crafting adventure!" as stated on their website.

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