Exodus’ Time Dilation is “All About Hard Choices and Long-Term Consequences,” Narrative Director Says

  • Michael Johnson
  • Apr 07, 2024
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Exodus’ Time Dilation is “All About Hard Choices and Long-Term Consequences,” Narrative Director Says

In the upcoming sci-fi RPG by Archetype Entertainment, called Exodus, a unique feature has captured the excitement of gamers: time dilation. The developers, a team composed of former veterans from the Mass Effect series, have introduced a captivating mechanism where traveling across interstellar distances means the passage of many years for those left behind on the home planet. 
Drew Karpyshyn, the game's narrative director with a commendable history of working on iconic titles like Mass Effect and Knights of the Old Republic, recently shared insights with GamingBolt regarding how this concept of time dilation will be intricately woven into the gameplay and narrative of Exodus. According to Karpyshyn, the storyline and the mechanics of choices and consequences are anchored deeply in the theme of time dilation. 
In the game, players take on the role of a Traveler, venturing through alien territories in the vast galaxy to secure the future of humanity. However, this noble endeavor demands a significant sacrifice from the Traveler: long periods away from loved ones, where each return is met with years, if not decades, of change. This premise sets the stage for players to navigate a series of "hard choices" with enduring impacts.
Karpyshyn elucidates how travelling at sublight speeds for shorter distances, like a neighboring planet or moon, won't invoke time dilation, maintaining the timeline's consistency. However, embarking on an Exodus—a grand voyage to a distant star system—will trigger this effect, challenging players with its repercussions. The developers are keen on ensuring that these moments of decision carry profound emotional and narrative weight, highlighting the sacrifices made for the greater good.
The intricacies of how time dilation will directly influence gameplay mechanics remain under wraps, but the promise is to create a deeply engaging experience where players feel the burden of their decisions. By focusing the core storyline around the complexities of time dilation, Exodus aims to offer a rich, consequence-driven narrative that resonates with players long after they've set down the controller.
With such an innovative approach to storytelling and gameplay, Exodus is shaping up to be an unmissable title for fans of sci-fi and RPGs, offering a fresh take on the space exploration genre.

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