Final Fantasy 16: The Rising Tide’s Leviathan Will be “Really Different from Past Eikon Battles”

  • Patricia Martinez
  • Mar 11, 2024
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Final Fantasy 16: The Rising Tide’s Leviathan Will be “Really Different from Past Eikon Battles”

Since the announcement of Final Fantasy 16's expansions, fans have eagerly awaited The Rising Tide, the sequel to Echoes of the Fallen. This expansion is particularly exciting as it includes a face-off with the Eikon Leviathan, an anticipated addition absent from the original storyline. The primary draw of this upcoming DLC is its pivotal boss fight, stirring curiosity about how it will outshine the original game’s memorable Eikon clashes.

Director Takeo Kujiraoka shared some insights with Game Informer, keeping details sparse but enticing. He suggested that the battle against Leviathan would be drenched in water-based challenges. This not only sets it apart visually and graphically but also signifies a shift in gameplay dynamics from previous Eikon battles. In a series first, Final Fantasy 16's real-time combat system will add a fresh layer to the confrontation, marking a departure from the franchise's traditional battle styles, especially in encounters with Leviathan, which have rarely been depicted with such mobility and real-time tactics.

In addition to the unique battle mechanics, The Rising Tide is expected to offer around 10 hours of gameplay. There's a buzz of anticipation for more details to be unveiled at an upcoming panel at PAX West later this month.

Set to release this Spring for PS5, The Rising Tide promises to be a compelling addition to the Final Fantasy 16 saga. While producer Naoki Yoshida has hinted at the slim possibility of a third expansion, it remains an uncertainty, making The Rising Tide an even more crucial chapter for fans of the series.

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