Marvel Rivals Developer Explains The Decision To Make Third Person Shooter

  • Michael Johnson
  • May 05, 2024
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Marvel Rivals Developer Explains The Decision To Make Third Person Shooter

The developers of Marvel Rivals recently provided insights into their decision to design the upcoming superhero game as a third-person shooter. This choice seems particularly strategic, considering the limited presence of third-person shooters in the superhero gaming genre. Notably, other games in this niche, like Suicide Squad, haven't resonated as well with fans.

Opting for a third-person perspective, the developers aim to offer players a novel experience of stepping into the roles of their favorite Marvel characters. This perspective was chosen to showcase the superheroes' dynamic movements and special abilities more vividly. Moreover, it facilitates a better strategic view of the battlefield, allowing players to navigate and react to the unfolding action more effectively.

Integrating a wide array of characters into this format presents its challenges due to significant differences in size and abilities, ranging from the massive Hulk to the smaller Rocket Raccoon, along with their varied powers. The development team has been meticulously adjusting the camera settings, field of view, and character animations to ensure that each hero not only looks impressive but also feels balanced within the game's mechanics. They are continuously refining these elements based on gamer feedback to enhance the gaming experience further.

Additionally, the team acknowledges that players accustomed to first-person shooters may need time to adapt to the new viewpoint, which includes handling the visibility around character models and mastering new aiming techniques. The developers are dedicated to smoothing this transition and are actively working to optimize the gameplay to cater to both new and veteran players of the genre.

Grasping and tackling these challenges highlights the developers' dedication to providing a deeply engaging and delightful experience in Marvel Rivals, showcasing the uniqueness and possibilities of employing the third-person shooter genre in superhero gaming.

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