Meta Adds New Tools for Business Accounts on Facebook and Instagram

  • Patricia Martinez
  • Oct 10, 2022
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Meta Adds New Tools for Business Accounts on Facebook and Instagram

Meta releases valuable updates for content creators to help them build their audience. The company recently announced another new feature. 

This update is not for personal accounts but business or author pages. For example, creators can support each other by recommending a person's page. Then they can invite each other's followers to subscribe to their pages. 

There are also new templates for creating posts and stories on the Facebook platform. An author can make a post using a template that automatically pulls in the names of their most loyal fans. That is a great way to thank your audience for their support and attention to your page. 

The post-publication settings allow you to give privileges to the top readers. For example, an author can make a post visible only to subscribers or only to fans. Meta also said they were working on another update, which would allow access to the publication first to selected subscribers and then to the rest of the users. For example, if an author makes a sales announcement for some course, they can make a pre-publication. This will help fans get seats at the best possible rates. 

The company has also taken care of new pages and is developing a separate rubric, Rising Creator. A status next to the author's name will let readers know that they can see an unknown author who already has engaging content. 

In addition to working on updates for creators, Meta is refining some familiar tools. For example, publishing a new post will be more convenient for those who create content in the app more often. 

Meta is serious about attracting new talent to its social networks. The company believes that the more up-and-coming creators they manage to attract, the more users will be involved in the content of Facebook and Instagram. 

Opinions are divided here, and some believe that no matter how loyal the algorithms are, not every author or blogger can succeed, as there are many other factors. 

Let's see how the company goes about implementing its plan. Do you think Meta's actions are practical?

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