Microsoft Introduces Personality Toggle for Bing AI Chatbot

  • Patricia Martinez
  • Mar 02, 2023
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Microsoft Introduces Personality Toggle for Bing AI Chatbot

Microsoft has recently released a new feature for its Bing chatbot: the ability to toggle between different tones. This update adds three options for responses from the AI-powered chatbot. Microsoft hopes it will help users find the right level of accuracy and creativity in their conversations.

The creative mode provides original and imaginative responses for more engaging conversations. It emphasizes creativity rather than accuracy or relevancy when it comes to answers from the chatbot. On the other hand, the precise mode focuses on being accurate and relevant to give concise answers that are factually correct. The balanced mode compromises these two options by offering accuracy and creativity in its responses.

This update is rolling out now to all users of Bing AI and should be available soon for around 90 percent of them. Microsoft wants people to be able to have a conversation with their chatbot without worrying if it's being too accurate or too imaginative – the personality toggle lets users decide how they want their bot's responses explicitly tailored for them.

Not only does this give people more control over their own experience with the chatbot, but it can also provide better results than before as well since each person can find just what works best for them when conversing with an AI assistant like Bing’s chatbot.

In conclusion, Microsoft's new personality toggle feature gives users more control over how they interact with the Bing AI-powered chatbot by giving them three distinct response modes: creative, balanced, and precise, depending on what type of answer they want from their bot companion during conversations. This allows people to get exactly what they need from the experience while providing better results overall due to more excellent customization options available thanks to this new feature release by Microsoft!

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