Next Ghost Recon Will be a First-Person Shooter, Coming 2025-2026 – Rumour

  • Michael Johnson
  • Mar 12, 2024
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Next Ghost Recon Will be a First-Person Shooter, Coming 2025-2026 – Rumour

The Ghost Recon franchise has faced its challenges lately, with Ghost Recon Breakpoint's less-than-stellar reception and the cancellation of Ghost Recon Frontline due to negative feedback from the player base. Nevertheless, considering the series' longstanding presence in the gaming world, it's anticipated that Ubisoft will plot the course for a new entry. Insights from Insider Gaming's Tom Henderson provide a peek into what may be in store for fans.

According to Henderson's information, the next chapter in the Ghost Recon saga is currently being crafted under the working title Project Over. The projected rollout window for this game falls between 2025 and 2026. Set against the fictional backdrop of the Naiman War, the narrative transports players to a volatile southeastern nation plagued by a massive loss of life from countless "war crimes." Within this tumultuous terrain, players will embark on covert operations with a critical task: unmasking a betrayer in their ranks.

Breaking away from the series' traditional third-person perspective, Project Over is said to be adopting a first-person shooter format. This pivot aims to heighten the sense of immersion and realism, drawing players deeper into a world of tactical, squad-based warfare. Developers are reportedly drawing inspiration from renowned titles such as Battlefield, Ready or Not, Squad, and the recent iterations of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare to infuse Project Over with an air of authenticity and grounded gameplay.

One illustrative example highlights a tense moment when a team of Ghosts nearly opens fire on an individual mistakenly believed to be carrying a bomb, only to realize in a heartbeat that the object in question is actually a baby. This intense scenario underscores the developers' objective to challenge players with harrowing, morally complex situations.

While official details from Ubisoft remain sparse, the anticipated launch window of 2025 to 2026 suggests that eager fans may have to practice patience. Yet, if these early reports hold true, Project Over could mark a compelling new chapter for the Ghost Recon franchise, replete with gripping narratives and an enriched tactical gameplay experience.

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