Now Gmail Can Track Your Packages

  • Michael Johnson
  • Nov 07, 2022
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Now Gmail Can Track Your Packages

One of the most useful updates to Gmail ahead of the holiday season is here. Now the email service has learned to track parcels’ delivery, analyzing incoming letters. Important messages are marked accordingly.

Many have already started preparing for the Christmas season, including Google. It has updated its email service so that you do not miss the delivery of ordered goods. The algorithms parse emails that enter the “Inbox” folder and add a label with delivery information to those messages that come from courier companies. The information on this label is updated as shipping progresses. Now you do not need to open emails to find out the status of your order and the date when you should expect a courier to arrive. There is also no need to copy the tracking number and go to third-party sites.

A small marker in the general list of letters is not all. If you open the message, in its upper part, you will see a “summary” table with the data of your order: the sender, the slider with the stages of processing your package passed, and a link to the order itself on the sender’s website. Currently, Google is planning to roll out this feature to users in the US and provide access to packages from major courier companies. Whether the geography will be expanded and smaller firms will be added in the future remains to be seen.

To activate this functionality, you need to agree to receive notifications from Gmail in the service settings. Although algorithms analyze (i.e., read) your emails, all processes are automated. However, it raises the concern of some users that the company may use the data obtained in this way for other purposes, such as marketing.

How do you feel about the new Gmail feature? Will you use it, or do you prefer standalone tracking apps?

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