Put Nintendo Games Into Order

  • Patricia Martinez
  • Jul 11, 2022
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Put Nintendo Games Into Order

You can easily organize all your Nintendo games into different groups. It will ease your daily search for everything you want to play. Although the creative mess may be your favorite view in the profile, sometimes you don’t have much time to waste searching for the game you want to play. There is a helpful tool that is called Nintendo Switch Groups, and you probably have seen it already. Here you will learn the easiest way to enter the Groups and create folders for games.

Is It Possible to Create the Folders Via Nintendo?

It is totally possible to put all your Nintendo games in order by creating as many folders as you need. Since these folders are called Groups in Nintendo, so you can get confused at first. Don’t worry, it does not matter how you call it while. You can separate your games and organize your space. Your library now looks chaotic. Use these Groups to organize games by the year of release, genre, or even desire to play it right now. You can come up with any criteria you want.

You may have missed this option since it is hidden in the Home menu. If you have gathered over 12 different titles on your Switch account, you can enter the All Software category and create the Groups there. For now, Nintendo offers the ability to create up to 100 folders. Each of them can contain 200 titles maximum. If you need, you can even add the very same games into different groups.

What can you do if you have less than 12 titles? Those of you who have 10-11 or fewer titles on the account can still you this option. The trick is to download free-of-charge demos or the apps from the eShop on Nintendo. They cost nothing and will allow you to create Groups.

Make the Lists

If you need to create Groups, you have to follow these step-by-step instructions. Don’t worry. You don’t have to pay extra to be able to organize your account. Access the feature following these recommendations:

  • Go to the Home menu, open it, and scroll to the right. There you will be able to pick the All Software blue button;
  • You will see the button called L above the icons with games, near the sign “Groups”. Press it;
  • You will see the button “Create New Group” in the new window that appears in front of you;
  • Here you can put the ticks near the names of the games you want to add to the group. Pay attention to all the games you’ve picked. They will be marked with a blue checkmark on top. Press Next when you will be sure that you’ve selected everything you need. You will see the + button. Push it to continue your work;
  • In the group, you can also put all the games in order. To do it, you need to press the A button title and move it the way you want to arrange the games inside the category. Use the control stick to do it. When you finish your arrangements, you can tap the Next button;
  • Once you believe that you’ve done the best with this particular folder, you may enter the name of the group. Tap the name and press OK big blue icon;
  • If you need to enter any of the groups, you have created already open the All Software menu, press the L button there, and tap the Groups. In the right upper corner, you will see the icon called Create New Group. If you need another group, press it and follow all the recommendations provided above.

You can organize your games using the R button near the L sign. It belongs to the Filter menu. You can sort it by the play time, last visit, title, or publisher. Once everything is done, press the OK button.

Organize Your Games

Do you want to reach your favorite games in no time? The Group is what you need. All your Nintendo games and software will be easily reachable in specific categories.

Have you already used this option before? How do you like it? Express your thoughts about the Groups feature below.



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