Riot Shields Broken in Warzone 2: Players Report Glitches with Ziplines

  • Patricia Martinez
  • Apr 03, 2023
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Riot Shields Broken in Warzone 2: Players Report Glitches with Ziplines

Call of Duty fans are no strangers to game-breaking glitches, but the latest bug plaguing Warzone 2 seems to be particularly noteworthy. In a video posted by a player on Reddit, it appears that the riot shield is not working properly when combined with zip lines. This glitch could cause players to become vulnerable in certain situations, so Activision needs to address this issue as soon as possible.

The video was posted on Reddit by an anonymous user and showed how the riot shield doesn't work properly when used in conjunction with ziplines. The player attempted to climb up a zipline while carrying the riot shield and then attempted to deploy it mid-air, only for it not to appear at all. Since the glitch prevents players from deploying their shields during aerial maneuvers, they become vulnerable targets if they get attacked while using zip lines. It's worth noting that this isn't the first time that Warzone 2 has experienced glitches related to its armor vests; previously, players have reported issues like randomly disappearing grenades or vanishing into walls during firefights.

This isn’t exactly good news for gamers since one of Warzone's main selling points is its intense tactical combat, where every detail matters, and even small mistakes can cost you dearly. If left unaddressed, this bug could give some players an unfair advantage over others since those without access to Riot Shields will be more exposed than those who do have them equipped in aerial scenarios such as climbing up ladders or moving between different floors via ziplines. As such, Activision should look into these reports urgently and make sure these problems are fixed before any major tournaments take place involving Warzone 2 gameplay.

Apart from fixing existing bugs like this one, developers should also consider introducing new features that would improve the overall gameplay experience. For instance, implementing "anti-glitch" systems, which would automatically prevent weapons from being thrown instead of grenades or preventing characters from entering walls, could help reduce weapon exploits and other cheating techniques used by some unscrupulous gamers. Moreover, adding more variety when it comes down to armor options (e.g., allowing players to choose between different bulletproof vests) would add more depth and challenge making each fight unique based on what protection you're wearing at any given moment.

In conclusion, it is clear that there are still several issues with regard s of how Riot Shields work within various scenarios inside Call Of Duty: WarZone2. Therefore, Activision must act quickly in order to ensure all gamers get fair chances regardless of what type of equipment they choose before participating in any serious competitions hosted by them or third parties organizers around the world. By doing so, players will remain safe, knowing their skills alone dictate outcome battles rather than relying upon luck or exploiting known flaws present within the game itself.

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