Roblox Keeps Making Games Like Among Us

  • Michael Johnson
  • Nov 23, 2022
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Roblox Keeps Making Games Like Among Us

Following the major success of Among Us released by Roblox in 2018, many fans were worried that the company would stop there and not release new games. But, on the contrary, this state of affairs only contributed to the fact that the developers of Roblox, inspired by the concept of Among Us, continue to release excellent games. The basic principle of Among Us was that from 4 to 15 players were randomly assigned the roles of either an ordinary crew member or, with a 1 in 3 chance, the role of an impostor. To win, it was enough to drive out all the impostors or finish all the processes on the spaceship with the help of simple puzzles. This form of gameplay served as the basis for further Roblox projects.

In the game Roblox Crewmates, players find themselves on an abandoned spaceship, where they have to search everything in order to figure out who the perpetrator is. At the same time, at regular intervals, a vote takes place, in which there will be heated discussions of the suspects in order to make the right choice and win the game. The name Amongst Us from Roblox is consonant with their predecessor, and the principle of the game is also very similar. Here, the players will belong to either the Imposters or the crewmates. The first one should eliminate everyone on board to win, while the second one should identify all the Imposters to win.

Among Sus is one of the most unpopular Roblox projects so far. However, the prospects for the game are quite good due to the interesting in-game mechanics for personalizing your hero. And the game Among Us Zombies was an innovative solution because only in this game do players fight together in a spaceship against waves of zombies, and for completing tasks, they can upgrade weapons.

Which Roblox game do you like the most? Is it a good idea to repeat the Among Us concept in every subsequent game? Please share your thoughts below.


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