Second EA FC 24 Update Resolves Ultimate Team Menu Glitch and Enhances Stability

  • Michael Johnson
  • Oct 04, 2023
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Second EA FC 24 Update Resolves Ultimate Team Menu Glitch and Enhances Stability

While the initial launch of a game is frequently accompanied by unexpected bugs, EA FC 24 had a relatively smooth start. However, that’s not to say it was completely bug-free. During the Ultimate Trial early access phase, players did encounter some minor glitches. For instance, a stage bug made it impossible for player Ada Hegerberg to lock on to the ball successfully.

Moreover, an FC 24 YouTuber unearthed a hack within the Clubs feature that granted players the ability to utilize any of the PlayStyles. Electronic Arts responded swiftly by releasing an update aimed at enhancing stability and addressing these revealed issues. Nonetheless, these improvements didn't wholly resolve the game developers' challenges.

In response, a second EA FC 24 update was launched, focusing primarily on ameliorating the game's stability. This renewed effort is aimed at effectively dealing with issues that slipped through the cracks during the first round of improvements.

Update 2 also rectifies the mistakenly inhibited access to parts of the menu within the Ultimate Team. This infamous bug has been a pain point for players, hampering the competitive aspect of the game by slowing down users when attempting to outbid others on the transfer market due to the laggy menus.

EA remained rather cryptic about the specific enhancements the second update brings, but gamers are hopeful that they will now be able to seamlessly navigate their club screen's transfer market or at the very least, not have to endure game freezing while in a pre-game lobby.

On October 2, the developers officially declared that the second update is set to go live on PS4/PS5/XB1/XBSX|S "soon," with PC users already having access to this latest release. Fixing the pesky Ultimate team menu bug and increasing the game's stability mark significant strides forward, promising a smoother gaming experience.

In conclusion, the responsiveness and commitment demonstrated by EA in addressing these irregularities provide reassurance to gamers and display the firm's dedication to offering quality gaming experience. Even though the initial attempts to fortify the game's stability didn’t entirely eradicate the problems, the subsequent follow-up with the second EA FC 24 update indicates EA's determination to keep their gaming community satisfied. It's promising to see such a determined stand being taken to improve gameplay, and this is hoped to be maintained in future updates and iterations of EA FC 24.

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