Star Wars Outlaws Pre-Orders Will Seemingly Kick off Soon – Rumour

  • Michael Johnson
  • Apr 06, 2024
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Star Wars Outlaws Pre-Orders Will Seemingly Kick off Soon – Rumour

There's a wave of anticipation building up around Star Wars Outlaws, the much-talked-about open world action-adventure game from Ubisoft. The community is abuzz with excitement as Ubisoft has announced that a new story trailer for the game will be unveiled on April 9, with many fans hopeful that this will also bring news of the game's release date. Adding fuel to the fire, there have been recent discoveries suggesting that pre-orders for the highly awaited title could be kicking off shortly.
JordanMaison, a Twitter user, recently came across promotional materials for Star Wars Outlaws pre-orders being displayed in certain GameStop outlets. This discovery has led to speculation that Ubisoft might use the opportunity presented by the trailer premiere to open up pre-orders for the eagerly awaited game.
The excitement doesn't stop there, as there have been several indications that Star Wars Outlaws could be ready to hit shelves sooner than initially anticipated. Despite Ubisoft's previous statements of a broad 2024 release, the game has been subject to age rating evaluations in Brazil, Australia, and South Korea, hinting that its launch may be on the horizon. Moreover, leaks earlier in the year suggested that fans could expect the game to be available in the first half of 2024, adding to the speculation surrounding its release date.
With anticipation reaching fever pitch, the gaming world is eagerly awaiting further details from Ubisoft, hoping for confirmation on when they can dive into the universe of Star Wars Outlaws.

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