Unforeseen Termination Announced for 'Just Cause: Mobile'

  • Patricia Martinez
  • Jul 04, 2023
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Unforeseen Termination Announced for 'Just Cause: Mobile'

In an unforeseen turn of events, Square Enix has announced the termination of its highly anticipated mobile game - 'Just Cause: Mobile'. Expected to hit the gaming market by 2021, the decision leaving many surprised has been completely abandoned. Cancellation notices for fans and gamers claim that this move will allow the creators to focus on bringing about unmatched gaming experiences on consoles and PCs, leaving the mobile gaming market in the lurch.

Just Cause: Mobile, initially announced back in 2020, was being developed by Square Enix to be run on mobile devices using Unreal Engine 4. The gameplay was said to offer action-packed experiences with both single and multiplayer modes similar to the original Just Cause series. An official release date for the mobile version was never announced, but its sudden cancellation comes as a major shock to the gaming community.

Brand manager Anne-Loup Grosbois-Favreau officially confirmed this information. Gamers who were eagerly waiting for Just Cause: Mobile warmly received a glimpse of what was to come. However, the post revealed that as a result of changes in the company’s internal business, the anticipated mobile version would not see the light of day. Contrarily, gamers are now left with little more than a void to fill for the game that was supposed to be.

The creators claim that this change better aligns with their overall strategy to create unforgettable experiences on PC and console instead of mobile. While the news is disappointing for the many fans who were looking forward to the mobile version of the game, it also provides a glimmer of hope. Perhaps, the cancellation means that the famed developers can now fully concentrate their resources on creating blockbuster console and PC versions. Though in the short run, the shift may feel like a setback, the long run might witness higher quality gaming experiences catering to hardcore gamers. Despite the initial disappointment, the gaming community can now eagerly anticipate what Square Enix plans to create next. 

In conclusion, while the termination of Just Cause: Mobile is certainly an unexpected development, it signifies a new direction for Square Enix. Whether this decision will be perceived as a strategic triumph or a missed opportunity shall only be decided with time.

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