Beware of Spam Events Invading Your Google Calendar

  • Patricia Martinez
  • Dec 25, 2022
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Beware of Spam Events Invading Your Google Calendar

Have you noticed that your Google Calendar is suddenly filled with strange and random events? If the answer is yes, then you’re not alone. A number of users have noted similar issues over the past few days, as a crafty integration between Gmail and Google Calendar has gone haywire. 

The issue seems to be caused by automated calendar events created from emails received in Gmail. These “spam events” include all-day reminders which appear on people’s calendars without their permission or knowledge. The source of these notifications varies, but they're typically due to newsletters and other marketing content sent through email. 

Google has yet to comment on this issue but it may be related to an update made last week, which allowed users to create automated reminders based on emails they receive in their inboxes. It appears that something went wrong with this feature and now it's creating unwanted calendar entries for some users instead of useful reminders like it was intended to do. 

Unfortunately, there isn't much that can be done about these spam events right now except for manually deleting them from your calendar one by one; however, if you use a third-party app like Calgoo or Fantastical 2 then you might have more luck as those apps offer better control over what goes into your schedule automatically than Google does at the moment. 

In conclusion, if you've been seeing strange all-day entries pop up in your Google Calendar recently then know that others are experiencing the same thing and that hopefully a fix will be coming soon from Google themselves so we can get back our clean schedules again free from any unwanted spammy event intrusions!

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