Charting the Future of Warfare: Top 10 Concepts for Creative Assembly's Next Total War Game

  • Michael Johnson
  • Jan 04, 2024
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Charting the Future of Warfare: Top 10 Concepts for Creative Assembly's Next Total War Game

The Total War series by Creative Assembly has been a mainstay in the grand strategy gaming genre, offering players the opportunity to rewrite history through military conquests, shrewd diplomacy, and cunning statecraft. With a legacy that spans historical epochs from ancient Rome to feudal Japan, there’s always a palpable excitement about what period or theme the series will explore next. As we look towards the horizon of this storied franchise, here are ten of the most captivating ideas that could serve as fertile ground for the next Total War title, offering a blend of rich history, untapped potential, and fresh gameplay dynamics.

The Total War franchise has made waves in the gaming world for its intricate blend of turn-based strategy and real-time tactics. With each installment, Creative Assembly has transported players to various corners of history, allowing them to command legions, build empires, and influence the course of events on a grand scale. As we speculate on what's next for the series, we delve into potential settings that could provide new challenges and narratives for players to experience. These concepts not only have the potential to revitalize the franchise but also to add depth and diversity to the already impressive Total War portfolio.

Total War: A World Of Fire And Ice - A Fantasy Epic

Imagine the rich tapestry of George R.R. Martin's Westeros brought to life in a Total War context. A Total War game set in the Game of Thrones universe would offer an epic scale of warfare, alliances, and betrayals. With multiple continents and a vast array of noble houses, the potential for grand strategy is immense. Players could navigate the treacherous politics of King's Landing, muster the wildling hordes beyond the Wall, or even sail with the Iron Fleet. The fantastical elements, including dragons and white walkers, would add a layer of complexity to the military tactics of the series.

Empire 2: Total War - A Return To Gunpowder

Empire 2 Total War game logotype

The original Empire: Total War was a pivotal shift for the franchise, introducing firearms and naval battles on a scale not seen before. Empire 2: Total War could build upon this by incorporating more of the global theater, including the complexities of the Asian and South American political landscapes. New trade routes, revolutions, and the evolution of warfare would provide a rich backdrop for players, allowing them to engage in the colonial struggles of the 18th and 19th centuries with even greater depth.

Total War: Renaissance Europe - An Age of Discovery

The European Renaissance was a crucible of cultural, technological, and political revolution. Total War: Renaissance Europe could explore the rise of nation-states, the invention of gunpowder weaponry, and the beginnings of overseas exploration. Players in this game can adopt the roles of famous figures like Leonardo da Vinci or Machiavelli, provide patronage to renowned artists and thinkers, or navigate the intricate political landscape of the Papal States and the Holy Roman Empire.

Total War: Alien Vs Predator - A Sci-Fi Showdown

While a departure from the series' historical roots, a Total War game set in the Alien vs. Predator universe could be a refreshing take. The game could feature human military factions pitted against the technologically advanced Predators and the swarm tactics of the Alien hordes. Creative Assembly's experience with Alien Isolation suggests they could handle the source material with care, potentially creating a thrilling and atmospheric strategy experience.

Total War: Mesoamerica - Exploring Pre-Columbian Civilizations

Total War Mesoamerica map

A Total War game focused on Mesoamerica would offer a unique perspective on a region and era not commonly explored in grand strategy games. Players could command the armies of the Aztecs, Mayans, or other indigenous peoples, managing complex trade networks and religious ceremonies while facing the threat of Spanish conquistadors. This setting could enrich the series with new combat tactics and a vibrant cultural backdrop.

A Futuristic Total War - The Next Frontier

Taking a bold leap into the future, a sci-fi Total War title could explore hypothetical conflicts on Earth or across the galaxy. This setting would allow for the introduction of advanced technologies, spacefaring navies, and planetary colonization. Players could lead factions competing for resources and territory in an entirely new strategic environment.

Total Wars Of The Roses - A Civil War Saga

The Wars of the Roses was a tumultuous period in English history, marked by ferocious battles and political maneuvering. A Total War game set during this era would focus on the dynastic struggle between the houses of Lancaster and York. Players could engage in deep political intrigue, manage shifting alliances, and command armies in historically significant battles.

Total War: Ghengis Khan - Conquest and Empire

Total War Ghengis Khan game screen

A Total War game focusing on Genghis Khan and the Mongol Empire could offer a vast canvas stretching from Eastern Europe to East Asia. Players could recreate the lightning campaigns of the Mongol horde, forge an empire, and interact with diverse civilizations, from the caliphates of the Middle East to the burgeoning kingdoms of Southeast Asia.

Total War: World At War - Global Conflict

A World War I or II setting would be the most ambitious undertaking for the Total War series. It would challenge players to manage industrial-scale warfare, complex alliances, and the logistical challenges of a global conflict. The potential for a detailed campaign map encompassing multiple theaters of war would make for a truly epic Total War experience.

Total War: Medieval 3 - A Return To Roots

Medieval 3: Total War would be a return to one of the most beloved eras in the franchise's history. Building upon the legacy of its predecessors, this installment could offer improved mechanics, deeper diplomacy, and a grander scale. It would allow players to partake in the Crusades, navigate the politics of feudal Europe, and witness the dawn of the Renaissance.

The Total War series has a wealth of history and potential futures to draw from for its next installment. Whether it chooses to revisit beloved past settings or venture into new, uncharted territories, the franchise has the opportunity to captivate its audience with innovative gameplay, rich storytelling, and strategic depth. As we eagerly anticipate Creative Assembly's next move, we can be sure that the Total War series will continue to be a benchmark for grand strategy gaming, offering experiences that are as educational as they are entertaining. These ten ideas represent just a fraction of the vast array of strategies and opportunities available to experienced players and newcomers alike within the Total War series. As the series progresses, it promises to keep flourishing and adapting, offering fresh challenges and experiences for years to come.

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