Deck Checked: The Best Games with an Open World on Steam Deck

  • Patricia Martinez
  • May 29, 2023
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Deck Checked: The Best Games with an Open World on Steam Deck

Steam Deck, Valve's powerful and portable gaming system, has brought the joy of versatile PC gaming to a handheld device, allowing players to take their Steam library wherever they go. With numerous open-world games now Deck Verified, meaning they run smoothly on the Steam Deck, it's time to explore the vast and immersive worlds these games have to offer. In this article, we've rounded up the best open-world games that have been verified for the Steam Deck, each with a brief overview. Keep reading to find the ideal open-world game to dive into on your Steam Deck.

Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy guide

Transport yourself to the magical world of Harry Potter in Hogwarts Legacy, an action role-playing game set in the late 1800s at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Players can create a customized character and embark on a thrilling, open-world adventure, discovering hidden secrets and mastering powerful spells. Hogwarts Legacy offers a vast world to explore, with countless quests, challenges, and magical creatures to encounter.

  • - Pros: Highly immersive, rich customization options, authentic Hogwarts experience.
  • - Cons: Limited multiplayer features; some players might miss iconic characters from the books/movies.

Elden Ring

Elden Ring

FromSoftware's Elden Ring is a highly anticipated open-world action RPG that promises a vast and interconnected world with intricate design, lore, and combat. The game features horseback exploration, dynamic weather, and day-night cycles, providing endless discoveries and challenges for players. Elden Ring has been well-received for its challenging gameplay, rewarding exploration, and impressive visuals.

  • - Pros: Deep and rewarding combat system, vast and interconnected world, captivating lore.
  • - Cons: High difficulty level may not be suitable for casual players, occasional performance issues.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt game

Considered one of the best open-world RPGs of all time, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt follows the story of Geralt of Rivia, a monster-hunter-for-hire in a vast and immersive world filled with dynamic quests and countless opportunities for exploration. With intricate combat mechanics, hundreds of hours of gameplay, and a gripping narrative, The Witcher 3 is an essential RPG experience for any open-world fan.

  • - Pros: Engaging story, vast and rich world, extensive customization options, and side quests.
  • - Cons: Steep learning curve for newcomers, occasional bugs, and performance issues.

Days Gone

Days Gone

In Days Gone, players assume the role of former outlaw biker Deacon St. John, who must navigate a post-apocalyptic open world filled with hordes of "Freakers" – zombie-like creatures. This action-adventure game emphasizes tactical combat, exploration, and resource management. Players will experience tense battles and dramatic storylines while traversing the beautiful and deadly Pacific Northwest.

  • - Pros: Dynamic and engaging combat system, immersive post-apocalyptic setting, strong character development.
  • - Cons: Occasionally repetitive gameplay, technical issues at launch.

Outer Wilds

Outer Wilds

Outer Wilds is an open-world exploration game with a unique time-loop mechanic, allowing players to relive the same 22 minutes in an ever-changing solar system. Players must uncover the mysteries of the universe, explore various planets, and interact with unique alien technology. Outer Wilds has been praised for its innovative gameplay, engaging story, and thought-provoking exploration of themes like time and existence.

  • - Pros: Unique game mechanics, engaging story and mysteries, beautiful and diverse planetary environments.
  • - Cons: Limited replay value, the time-loop mechanic may not appeal to all players.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 guide

Rockstar Games' epic Western adventure, Red Dead Redemption 2, offers one of the most immersive and expansive open-world experiences in gaming. Players step into the boots of Arthur Morgan, a member of the Van der Linde gang, as they navigate a dying Wild West full of outlaws, lawmen, and breathtaking landscapes. With its deep narrative, richly detailed environments, and realistic gameplay mechanics, Red Dead Redemption 2 provides an unforgettable open-world experience.

  • - Pros: Engaging story and characters, vast and visually stunning world, realistic gameplay mechanics.
  • - Cons: Slow-paced at times, some technical issues.

Assassin's Creed Odyssey

Assassin's Creed Odyssey guide

Set in Ancient Greece during the Peloponnesian War, Assassin's Creed Odyssey allows players to choose between two characters – Kassandra or Alexios – as they navigate a sprawling open world full of historical landmarks, naval battles, and stealth-based assassinations. With its expansive map, engaging storyline, and countless side quests, Assassin's Creed Odyssey provides a rich and immersive open-world experience for Steam Deck players.

  • - Pros: Expansive and historically detailed world, deep customization and progression system, engaging main and side stories.
  • - Cons: It can feel overwhelming due to its sheer size and some repetitive quest design.

In conclusion, these Deck Verified open-world games offer diverse experiences, rich storytelling, and endless hours of exploration for Steam Deck players. With such a wide range on offer, there's a game here for every player – whether you're a fan of fantasy, science fiction, historical adventures, or post-apocalyptic settings. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt often stands out as the top choice due to its universally acclaimed storytelling and gameplay depth, but every game on this list offers a unique and satisfying open-world experience that any Steam Deck owner will enjoy.

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