Five Exemplary Games to Consider If You Love "Chivalry 2"

  • Michael Johnson
  • Jul 21, 2023
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Five Exemplary Games to Consider If You Love "Chivalry 2"

For fans seeking alternatives to the blood-doused medieval mayhem of "Chivalry 2," the gaming industry is ripe with robust offerings. Many of these games capture the essence of medieval warfare with intense melee combat, strategic aspects, intricate maps, and captivating storylines. Dive into the realm of adrenaline-fueled combat and experience the thrill of clashing swords through five unprecedented alternatives to Chivalry 2.


Mordhau game

Kicking off the list is "Mordhau," a similar game to "Chivalry 2" but with a unique essence. This indie hack 'n slash game, developed by Triternion, offers an impressive first-person medieval multiplayer experience.

Gameplay, Story, and Setting

"Mordhau" gives players a vivid taste of medieval warfare, focusing on skill-based competitive play. The game thrives on intense, bloody, hand-to-hand skirmishes using everything from swords and maces to longbows and crossbows. Packed with a variety of game modes such as the 64-player slaughterfest or the Battle Royale mode, "Mordhau" ensures hours of high-stakes entertainment. While "Mordhau" doesn’t have a concrete story as such, the game’s focus is on the persistent warfare that encapsulates the brutality of the medieval era. Together, the immersive battles, destructible environments, and well-designed maps create a setting that leaves gamers wanting more.

"Kingdom Come: Deliverance"

Kingdom Come Deliverance game

Introducing a unique blend of history, RPG elements, and open-world exploration is "Kingdom Come: Deliverance." Developed and published by Warhorse Studios, the game gives players a realistic medieval experience like no other.

Gameplay, Story, and Setting

"Kingdom Come: Deliverance" stands out because of its emphasis on realism. You're not a hero from the outset, but a blacksmith's son, learning essential skills and eventually growing into a significant character in society. The game captures everything from the intricate management of social standings to detailed combat mechanics that account for weapon type, armor condition, and stamina. Set in the early 15th century, the heart-gripping story involves the malevolent invasion of Bohemia and the associated political intrigue. You'll immerse yourself in the rich, meticulous, and historically accurate open world of Bohemia during the Holy Roman Empire.

"Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord"

Mount and Blade II Bannerlord game

Up next is the widely beloved "Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord." This game draws its uniqueness from the full-fledged sandbox setup and immense freedom it offers to players.

Gameplay, Story, and Setting

The gameplay of "Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord" comprises a mixture of strategic elements and intense real-time combat systems. Players can raise their armies, engage in diplomatic endeavors, and partake in grand sieges. The meticulously detailed combat system focuses on individual maneuverability and effectiveness in the battle. Unlike most games, there's no fixed storyline. Players can choose their narrative based on the expansive political and economic systems, alliances, wars and personal quests. The game is set in the fictional continent of Calradia during the decline of the Calradic Empire, offering a mix of medieval, renaissance, and nomadic cultures to its setting.

"War of the Roses"

War of the Roses game

"War of the Roses," developed by Fatshark and published by Paradox Interactive, takes the fourth spot. It provides a deep and satisfying white-knuckle ride into the heart of the 15th-century Wars of the Roses.

Gameplay, Story, and Setting

The gameplay revolves around teamwork, strategy, and skill in melee and ranged combat. You'll have the opportunity to don a range of historically accurate armor and wield an arsenal of weapons to battle it out in visceral, bloody combat. The game closely associates with the historical Wars of the Roses between the House of Lancaster and House of York. While not having a rigid single-player storyline, the game holds strong in offering a multi-player centered, high-octane warfare experience. The battles take place in the varied terrains of England, reflecting the setting of the tumultuous period.

"For Honour"

For Honor Game

Rounding off the list is Ubisoft's "For Honor" — a game that offers a thrilling encounter combining strategy, speed, and a deeply immersive environment.

Gameplay, Story, and Setting

"For Honor" requires judicious master of the innovative Art of Battle combat system that allows players to control their heroes, each with distinctive skills and weapons, closely in melee combat. Teams compete in varying modes to dominate the battlefields using strategic movement, attacks, and defensive tactics. The game’s story mode is a tale of warriors in which Knights, Vikings, Samurai, and Wu Lin clash on grand battlefields. Each faction has its unique backstory and reasons for the fierce warfare that dominates the game's atmosphere. Set amidst towering castles and brutal winter wastelands, the absorbing universe of "For Honor" offers an unprecedented gaming experience.

Bottom Line

These stunning titles transport you through time, immersing you in an era of knights, kingdoms, and unyielding warfare. Unleash your inner warrior and enjoy engaging, immersive gameplay experiences as you explore these top alternatives to Chivalry 2.

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