Poppy Playtime: Top Indie Horror Game

  • Patricia Martinez
  • Jan 13, 2022
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Poppy Playtime: Top Indie Horror Game

Poppy Playtime has gained immense popularity in the gaming community over the last few months, so we just can’t go past this indie horror in our blog. In this first-person puzzle, you get into the abandoned toy factory Playtime Co. in the role of its former employee and try to untangle the mysterious case of disappeared employees. Although the game is based on the popular toy horror trend set by the FNAF series, it offers a unique take on the genre with brand new mechanics and a blood-freezing narrative. Let’s take a closer look at its features in this review!

The Story of Horrifying Toys

Once you get to the factory after receiving a letter about the missing employees who have not been found in 10 years, you have to solve a series of puzzles to find all the missing VHS tapes. Watching these tapes from CCTV cameras is the only way to figure out what went wrong 10 years ago. The factory is full of intimidating toys, including the mascot of the brand, Huggy Wuggy. It is a huge toy that will surprise you many times during the game.

Toy Amongst Toys

As it’s too dangerous to wander around on your own, you have to hide and use an electronic toy, the Grabpack, to interact with puzzles and get to hard-to-reach spots. On your way, you have to relocate pieces of machines to turn them on and produce the missing parts needed to complete the game. It’s actually not that difficult, but the fear will hinder you and make you think twice before making every next move.

Dark and Immersive

Although it’s not a highly realistic game, it manages to make you believe that you’re in a real abandoned toy factory. The primary colors in the facility are playful, while the music is actually relaxing, but the actual effect of the atmosphere is reverse, which is quite surprising. The game doesn’t try to scare you with those outdated screamers and sudden pop-ups but drives you into a continuous state of insecurity combined with the excitement about solving the puzzles.

Illusion of Safety

Unlike other games in the toy horror genre, this one offers a much better production quality and can make you shiver from relentless tension. The whole story takes less than 1 hour, but it leaves an unforgettable impression and sets a lot of questions for the upcoming chapters that will hopefully come out soon. What do you think about this game, by the way? Tell us about it in the comments and share the review with friends.

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