Resident Evil's Lost Legends: 5 Characters Ready for a RE9 Resurgence

  • Michael Johnson
  • Jan 17, 2024
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Resident Evil's Lost Legends: 5 Characters Ready for a RE9 Resurgence

The Resident Evil series has a storied history filled with iconic heroes and memorable villains. However, amidst the recurring appearances of characters like Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield, some equally compelling figures have faded into the background. With the series continually evolving, Resident Evil 9 presents an ideal opportunity to revive these forgotten legends.

Billy Coen - A Story Unfinished

Introduced in Resident Evil 0, Billy Coen's tale of redemption ended on a note of ambiguity. His background as a former Marine convicted of crimes he didn't commit, and his subsequent escape, laid the groundwork for a complex character study. By the end of his journey with Rebecca Chambers, he was a changed man, but his story felt incomplete. Resident Evil 9 could explore the life he led after his brush with the horrors of Umbrella's creations.

The Burton Family - A Legacy Extended

Barry Burton's debut in the original Resident Evil left an indelible mark, not just for his memorable quips but also for his genuine heroism. The later introduction of his daughter, Moira, in Resident Evil Revelations 2, expanded the Burton narrative. Their bond and shared experiences with bio-terror could serve as a compelling foundation for their return in the next installment, perhaps even as central figures in the conflict against a new bioweapon threat.

Sheva Alomar - Vindication and Valor

Resident Evil 5 introduced us to Sheva Alomar, a BSAA operative with a deeply personal stake in the fight against bio-organic weapons. Despite a rocky reception due to gameplay mechanics, Sheva's character was rich with potential. Her knowledge of local bio-terror incidents and combat expertise would make her a valuable asset in future outbreaks. A return in RE9 could redefine her legacy and cement her status as a series mainstay.

Jake Muller - A Wesker's Redemption

The son of the notorious Albert Wesker, Jake Muller's introduction in Resident Evil 6 was overshadowed by the game's mixed reception. Yet, his unique abilities and personal conflict with his father's legacy are too intriguing to ignore. Resident Evil 9 could dive deeper into Jake's struggle with his identity and his place in a world constantly threatened by the shadow of Umbrella and the legacy of his father.

HUNK - The Enigmatic Operative

HUNK is a figure shrouded in mystery, a skilled operative who has repeatedly faced off against the worst of Umbrella's monstrosities. His sporadic appearances have only fueled the fanbase's desire to learn more about him. The time is ripe for HUNK to step out of the shadows in RE9, providing a fresh perspective on the series' events and perhaps revealing more about the enigmatic Umbrella Corporation itself.

In conclusion, the Resident Evil universe is vast and filled with characters who have left a lasting impact on fans. The return of these five forgotten heroes in Resident Evil 9 could not only offer a nostalgic nod to longtime fans but also enrich the tapestry of the series' narrative. As the franchise continues to evolve, the inclusion of these characters would be a testament to its enduring legacy and a celebration of its rich history.

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