Unraveling Alternatives: An In-Depth Look at the Top 5 Games like The Complex

  • Michael Johnson
  • Sep 03, 2023
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Unraveling Alternatives: An In-Depth Look at the Top 5 Games like The Complex

The Complex, an interactive sci-fi thriller from Wales Interactive, is one of those exciting games that leave a significant impact on players. It is an interactive live-action video game that unfolds a gripping narrative through immersive gameplay. Players get to decide how the story unfolds by picking up options throughout the story. While there are numerous interactive narrative games on the market, there are very few that closely resemble The Complex. However, we have painstakingly researched and discovered some that offer the same level of intensity, character-driven storytelling, and immerse gameplay. Let's take a dive into the top 5 games that stand as brilliant alternatives for "The Complex."

1. Until Dawn

Introduction to Until Dawn

When it comes to exploration, decision-based gameplay, and a dark, gripping narrative synonymous with The Complex, Until Dawn by Supermassive Games ticks all the boxes. Its horror-centric story holds you captive, making it a game you either cannot continue playing or cannot put down.

Story, Gameplay and Setting

Until Dawn is set on a remote mountain retreat, overshadowed by a sinister history where eight friends are trapped. As the fear rises with each passing hour and the chances of survival diminish, players are engrossed with dramatic choices and quick-time events that have disastrous consequences. Depending on your choices, you could guide all the characters to safety or doom them all. Your actions dramatically alter the story, and everyone can live or die based on your decisions, fully embodying the 'Butterfly Effect.'

2. Her Story

Introduction to Her Story

Her Story, developed and published by Sam Barlow, is another interesting interactive movie video game. It comes with a unique presentation and gameplay that sets it apart from others yet retains the enthralling nature of The Complex.

Story, Gameplay, and Setting

Her Story revolves around a woman who's being interviewed by the police about her missing husband. Players must search and sort through video clips from these police interviews to piece together her story. The game challenges players to play detective and solve the mystery wrapping the narrative. It’s a nonlinear story where perspectives shift based on the order in which you find and watch the clips. The game combines the elements of puzzle and adventure genres to create a compelling interactive narrative experience that keeps you guessing.

3. Life is Strange

Introduction to Life is Strange

Life is Strange is an award-winning, critically acclaimed series developed by Dontnod Entertainment and published by Square Enix. It’s another episodic interactive drama and graphic adventure game that holds a mirror to the narrative depth of The Complex.

Story, Gameplay, and Setting

Life is Strange is set in the town of Arcadia Bay, where a student, Max Caulfield, discovers she has the ability to rewind time. The story progresses as she predicts a disastrous storm approaching, and the narrative brilliantly intertwines mind-bending time travel concepts with everyday teen struggles. Throughout the game, your choices have consequences and directly impact the whole narrative structure that unfolds across the episodes, making the adventure truly personalized.

4. Heavy Rain

Introduction to Heavy Rain

If immersive storytelling, intense decision-making, and action-adventure are what you admired in The Complex, you'd undoubtedly find Heavy Rain interesting. It's developed by Quantic Dream and published by Sony Computer Entertainment.

Story, Gameplay, and Setting

In Heavy Rain, you play various characters navigating through a suspenseful and emotionally charged storyline that revolves around a serial killer, meticulously known as the Origami Killer. You spend game-hours making decisions to solve the mystery behind the killings. The game creates an unusually gripping experience as each character's storyline impacts the others, and your decisions can lead to many different endings. It uses quick-time events and dialogue choices to enhance the strong narrative and character relationships, just as you would enjoy in The Complex.

5. Tales from the Borderlands

Introduction to Tales from the Borderlands

Unmatchable charm, humor, and emotional depth, Tales from the Borderlands, developed by Telltale Games, offers the same kind of narrative-driven choice-centric gameplay as The Complex, but in a quirky, fun setting.

Story, Gameplay, and Setting

Set in the universe of the Borderlands series, this graphical adventure game explores the stories of two unreliable narrators – Rhys, a corporation guy, and Fiona, a con artist. Between complex characters, fast-paced action, and hilarious dialogue, your main objective involves locating and unlocking the Vault's secrets. Your choices shape both immediate events and determine future developments, resulting in multiple endings. This game brilliantly balances seriousness and humor to create an unforgettable narrative experience reminiscent of The Complex. Indeed, there's something for every story-chaser who relishes an interactive narrative experience in these five exciting games that parallel The Complex's enticing offer: Until Dawn's horror drama, Her Story's detective puzzle, Life is Strange's time-bending adventure, Heavy Rain's suspenseful plot, and Tales from Borderland's rollicking humor. It's an immersive, multi-genre treat that enriches the interactive narrative gaming experience.

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