Telegram Premium Explained

  • Patricia Martinez
  • May 11, 2022
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Telegram Premium Explained

Paid features for Telegram were first announced by the app’s creator Pavel Durov back in 2020. While it looks like the day hasn’t come yet, an interface has been found in the iOS-oriented beta version of Telegram that corresponds to the premium functionality. This article explores how you can get your hands on Telegram Premium, what it has to offer, and how avoiding it might affect your overall user experience with Telegram. Please note that we don’t have full details yet; in fact, Telegram has been sharing its vision regarding the premium version very sparingly, so there’s still a lot of speculation to be done.

The primary focus of Telegram Premium is paid functionality that’s not accessible when you use the free client. It is generally regarded as a way of monetizing the application along with somewhat annoying attention-grabbers such as advertising popups. The beta versions that we’ll be referring to throughout this article should not be understood to mean public beta versions; the changes have been reported in limited-access versions of Telegram that are likely to become public soon. One expectation is that the advent of paid Telegram will also mean the end of advertising in channels as well as official advertisements that target all users (these will likely be handled by creators).

It looks likely that Telegram will start offering business services to its users when it transfers to a paid base. These might include advanced team management tools, client basis mailing opportunities, and specialized corporate chats with features not found in common conversations. There’s every indication that Telegram will be shifting its focus on broadcasting technology, competing with YouTube and other popular apps. Presently, this has involved a lot of innovative effort on the part of the app’s team, but it remains to be seen whether this transition will be successful.

While there’s no opportunity at present to download the official Telegram Premium, you can try it via the beta version. Here are the steps to take if you want to catch a glimpse of what the paid version of this messenger is going to look like.

  1. First of all, you need to install the TestFlight on your iPhone. This gives you access to beta versions of iOS software.

  2. Subscribe to the Telegram iOS Beta Slots channel in order to stay aware of any beta-testing opportunities. Be sure to leave your notifications on.

  3. When a message announcing beta testing appears, follow the link in it and download the beta version, which will replace the main app.

  4. Install the beta Telegram app and enjoy all the new functionality.

Given the fact that the total user count of Telegram is approaching a billion, it’s only natural that the company is looking for ways of increasing its revenue. It will need more funds to meet the ever-increasing need for cloud data storage, despite the fact that this platform is well-known for being maintained by a pretty modest team of experts. Add Durov’s failure to launch the much-talked-about TON ecosytem, which was supposed to come with its own payment system and replace regular internet, and you get the exact reason why Telegram is more likely than not to introduce subscriptions in the near future.

The real question, however, is whether it will be worth it in the end and whether users are prepared to pay for the features that Telegram Premium has to offer. How much do you think you could reasonably pay for an especially full version of this messenger? What features would you expect from it? Leave a comment down below to let us know what you think.

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