Unlock the Secrets: Finding the Makeshift Camp Cache in Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden

  • Patricia Martinez
  • Feb 20, 2024
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Unlock the Secrets: Finding the Makeshift Camp Cache in Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden

Welcome, adventurous spirits of New Eden! The hauntingly beautiful and treacherous world of Banishers is not only a battleground for spectral entities but also a treasure trove for those willing to explore its hidden corners. Today, we delve into the mystery of the Makeshift Camp Cache, a treasure sought by many hidden within the Dark Woods Region. This is not just about riches; it is a testament to the dedication of our fellow Banishers in uncovering the rare items that lie within.

Starting the Quest: How to Locate the Treasure Map

Starting the Quest to Locate the Treasure Map

The first step to claiming the treasure is to acquire the elusive map that marks the spot. Here's what you need to do:

  • Begin at the Hunters’ Camp, where your allies Thickskin and Kate reside. It's a pivotal location in the Dark Woods, filled with information and resources valuable for your journey.
  • Head eastwards, crossing two stout bridges that will usher you into a region bustling with both foes and opportunities to gather resources.
  • Remain vigilant on the main path until you reach a fork. Ignore the first turnoff to the east but take the second one, where the blue brazier crowned with a red ribbon provides a clue that you are on the right track to the Shelter’s location.

Advancing through a narrow gap, you will climb a slope and arrive at the High Cave Shelter, the resting place of the treasure map. Seek the bedroll carefully, and there, like a reward from the past, you will find your parchment guide to riches.

Deciphering the Map: Onward to the Hunters’ Camp

Now that the map is in hand, the real journey begins. You can either embark on the return to the Hunters’ Camp by foot, embracing the paths still unseen and treasures untold along the way, or simply fast travel by engaging with the sacred campfire. Here's how to navigate:

  • Upon your return to the comfort of the Hunters’ Camp, direct your steps northwest from the Camp’s Shelter.
  • Your path will lead you to cliffhangers, where a daring leap will bring you closer to your destined discovery.
  • The rushing river below hides a stone that demands your attention. It is here that your true test as a Banisher is met. Listen to Antea, and you'll know you're close.

Deciphering the Map Onward to the Camp

Artfully interact with the place of interest and claim what is rightfully earned—a Scrouge Accretion. This object, reminiscent of a darkly-hued gemstone emitting an eerie aura, is a prize indeed. Though typically acquired through vanquishing formidable Scrouge beasts or trades with witches, your cunning has granted you this reward without such trials.

Finding Purpose for Your Treasure

Now that the Scrouge Accretion is in your grasp, let us explore its uses. Such a rare item serves a higher purpose than a mere trophy:

  • Outfit Enhancement: Use the gem to strengthen your armor, providing better protection against the perils ahead.
  • Saber & Firebane Upgrades: Imbue your weapons with power, sharpening the edge of your blades and the fury of your flames.
  • Bane Ring Reformation: To cast more potent spells, enhancing your Bane Ring is instrumental.

Every upgrade you make with this treasure will not only empower you against the ghostly opposition but also ease your travels through the vast and unpredictable lands of New Eden.

Expanding Your Abilities and Concluding Thoughts

Expanding Your Abilities and Concluding Thoughts

While the procurement of the Makeshift Camp Cache’s treasure is indeed a feather in a Banisher's cap, it is critical to recognize the broader implications. Utilizing treasures such as the Scrouge Accretion for gear enhancements will inevitably aid in your survival, but the path to true mastery lies in honing your innate abilities. Complete Ritual Sites, engage in combat, learn from your environment, and you will become a Banisher formidable in every aspect.

The world of Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden is rich with both visible and hidden challenges. Unraveling the secrets of caches like the Makeshift Camp stirs the essence of our adventures and provides resources fundamental for surviving the darkness that envelopes our path. Go forth with confidence, valiant Banisher. May your discoveries be many and your victories grand!

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