Untangling the Multiple Outcomes: A Comprehensive Guide on Persona 4 Golden Endings

  • Patricia Martinez
  • Aug 01, 2023
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Untangling the Multiple Outcomes: A Comprehensive Guide on Persona 4 Golden Endings

For fans of the epic JRPG, Persona 4 Golden, this guide serves as an in-depth look into the seven different outcomes the game provides. How you manipulate the storyline and forge relationships shapes the narrative's final chapter. Let's dive into each ending and scrutinize the decisions leading up to them. Remember, pivotal words are best tiptoed around to preserve the nature of this complex game.

1. Namatame's Fate

Namatame's Fate

One major decision that can bring about an unfortunate end occurs on December 3 if players heed Yosuke's advice and push Namatame into the television. This particular path ends with Nanako's continued absence from the world of living. An essential life form, Teddie also shifts back to the TV world not to return. Furthermore, it is eventually disclosed that Namatame's existence has been terminated, and the city of Inaba continues to be shrouded under a lingering fog.

2. Confession to the Law Enforcement

If players take a different route on December 3 and opt not to follow Yosuke's daunting suggestion, there's still another grievous ending on the cards. Despite not pushing Namatame, if players choose to hand him over to the police, it's not the best way to proceed. In this ending, Namatame confesses to being responsible for the party members and Nanako's kidnappings, but the demise of Mayumi Yamano and Saki Konishi still remains an unsolved mystery. The girl Nanako survives, but similar to the first, the gentle-mannered Teddie chooses to return to his world.

3. Real Culprit Remains Unidentified

Culprit Remains Unidentified

To steer clear of the aforementioned unfavorable endings, one must choose the correct dialogue options on December 3. If the team still fails to discover the identity of the true offender by December 5, that heralds another bleak ending. Here, Teddie leaves, the fog remains, and the grim reapers of Mayumi Yamano and Saki Konishi are not caught.

4. The Accomplice Ending

The fourth and most ominous ending, often referred to as the Accomplice Ending, has the protagonist correctly identify the man responsible but decide to cover for him. On December 5, players can name Tohru Adachi as the instigator but opt to protect him from their friends. The game then fast-forwards to March 20, where the player reaches the pinnacle of their Social Link with Adachi.

5. The Average Conclusion

The Average Conclusion

If players expose Adachi as the true offender and choose to inform the party, they will confront Adachi. Upon his downfall, the game moves to March 20. The murders have been relinquished; however, the enigmas of the Midnight Channel and the Persona phenomenon remain unsolved.

6. The Definitive Closure

With the defeat of Adachi, if players decide to remain in Inaba and proceed to explore the city a little further, they uncover the final pieces of the jigsaw puzzle. Engage in conversation with all maxed Social Links, watch the cutscene in Junes, and embark on another investigation. Following a visit to the Velvet Room and a dialogue with the gas station attendant, a hidden adversary appears to present the players with the true ending.

7. The Golden Ending

The Golden Ending

If the True Ending is attained and Marie's Social Link has been scaled up before December 24, an addendum phase is unlocked, paving the way for the Golden Ending. This phenomenon represents the pinnacle of the multiple endings Persona 4 Golden has and is viewed as the most desirable ending since it covers all aspects of the game's narrative.


Persona 4 Golden offers an expanse of narrative outcomes shaped by your decisions. Each ending adds a unique flavor to the game's intricate storyline, enriching the immersive gaming experience. Now that you hold the keys to navigating these multiple endings, every pacing decision is sure to be more accurate. So gear up, let the immersive storylines take you on unforgettable journeys, and remember every choice matters!

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