Mastering Movement: Advanced Techniques and Secrets for Ori and the Will of the Wisps Players

  • Michael Johnson
  • Apr 07, 2024
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Mastering Movement: Advanced Techniques and Secrets for Ori and the Will of the Wisps Players

In the enchanting world of Ori and the Will of the Wisps, movement is not just a means of traversal but an intricate dance that, when mastered, can drastically enhance your gameplay experience. This platformer, renowned for its fluid mechanics and breathtaking visuals, offers players a plethora of abilities and techniques that can be combined in creative ways to navigate its intricate environments. Below, we delve into advanced techniques and hidden secrets that will help you move through the game with the grace of a leaf on the wind, turning challenging sections into a showcase of skill and precision.

1. Leveraging the Bash Ability

The Bash ability, which Ori gains early in the game, is more than just a tool for redirecting projectiles or jumping higher. It's a pivotal component in your movement arsenal, allowing for rapid changes in direction and maintaining momentum. For advanced usage, try chaining multiple Bashes together. You can do this by targeting lanterns, enemies, or projectiles in sequence to travel large distances without touching the ground. The key is to aim at the edge of your target object to maximize displacement distance.

Moreover, Bash can also be used defensively. In crowded situations, use this ability to redirect enemy projectiles back at them while simultaneously repositioning yourself. It’s a fantastic way of dealing with threats and manipulating space in battles and exploration.

2. Mastering the Double Jump and Glide Combination

Ori's Double Jump and Glide abilities, when used together, allow for exceptional control over movement in mid-air. Use Double Jump at the peak of the first jump to maximize height, then immediately transition into Glide. This technique gives you a delicate balance between height and distance, perfect for clearing large gaps or maneuvering through tight spaces.

Ori and the Will of the Wisps

For more advanced players, integrating the Dash immediately after Double Jump can propel Ori forward with even greater velocity, increasing both reach and speed. This is particularly useful in sequences where precision and timing are crucial to avoid hazards.

3. Dash Through Danger

Dash not only boosts your speed but also provides a brief moment of invulnerability. Use this to your advantage in areas filled with hazards or during boss fights. The invulnerability frame can help you bypass spikes, flames, or enemy attacks without taking damage, acting as both an offensive and defensive mechanism.

Try to pair Dash with other abilities for combination movements. For example, after performing a Dash, immediately use Bash on a nearby target to continue moving forward without losing momentum. This can keep you practically airborne and difficult for enemies to target.

4. Exploiting Wall Jump for Vertical Mastery

Wall Jump is often underutilized but is crucial for navigating vertical spaces. The trick lies in minimizing the time spent clinging to walls. Jump off as soon as you make contact with a wall to maintain upward momentum. If performed swiftly, it can be almost as if Ori is soaring rather than climbing.

For more complex vertical scenarios, combine Wall Jump with Double Jump and Dash. This combination can often allow you to reach areas that seem inaccessible or skip parts of a level that are particularly time-consuming.

5. Utilizing Environmental Elements

Ori and the Will of the Wisps

The world of Ori is filled with movable elements like rocks and levers, which can alter the environment. Use these strategically not just to solve puzzles but to create new paths or shortcuts. For instance, a well-placed rock can serve as a platform to reach a high ledge or be used in conjunction with Bash to catapult Ori across a chasm.

Additionally, water currents and wind gusts can significantly affect your movement. Learn to harness these elements by integrating them with your abilities. Swim faster against currents by chaining Dashes or use upward wind gusts in conjunction with Glide to reach unprecedented heights.

6. Energy Management and Its Impact on Movement

Many of Ori's abilities, especially those that affect movement, require energy. Managing this resource is crucial, especially in longer sequences where multiple abilities are necessary. Always be on the lookout for energy cells and strategize on how to use them efficiently.

You can also use abilities like Regenerate to regain energy during quieter moments in exploration. Keeping a healthy store of energy ensures that you have enough resources to use advanced movement techniques continuously through intense sections.

7. Timing and Rhythm in Combining Techniques

Combining different movement techniques not only requires knowledge of how they work in isolation but also a sense of timing and rhythm to mesh them together effectively. Practice combining smaller sets of moves like Dash into Double Jump, then gradually add more into the sequence like Bash or Glide. This will help you develop a fluid style that feels almost like choreography rather than simple movement.

Ori and the Will of the Wisps

Moreover, pay attention to audio cues and visual feedback from the environment. The game often subtly guides you on when to execute certain moves or combinations through changes in the soundtrack or visual flashes, which can help in keeping the rhythm.

8. Advanced Exploration Tactics

Lastly, using advanced movement techniques can open up parts of the game map that are not accessible through standard moves. These often contain hidden rewards like life cells or energy expansions. Experiment with your techniques in every new area you uncover; you might find secrets that most players overlook.

Remember that the game’s world is designed to reward experimentation and curiosity. Testing the limits of Ori's abilities can lead to discoveries that enrich your gaming experience and even unlock new pathways or shortcuts within the game’s lush environments.

In conclusion, mastering the movement in Ori and the Will of the Wisps transforms the game from a mere platformer into an exhilarating dance of agility and finesse. By familiarizing yourself with these advanced techniques, you assure not just survival, but dominance over the challenges that the game presents. Embrace the fluidity and beauty of Ori’s movement, and let it elevate your experience to the epitome of platforming artistry.

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