Ascendant Studios' Debut: Immortals of Aveum, A New Take on FPS

  • Patricia Martinez
  • Jul 07, 2023
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Ascendant Studios' Debut: Immortals of Aveum, A New Take on FPS

Immortals of Aveum, the highly anticipated project from Ascendant Studios, is gearing up to deliver a novel experience in the FPS genre. The studio comprises seasoned developers with extensive experience in designing iconic shooters like CoD, Halo, and Borderlands. With vast collective knowledge backing Immortals of Aveum, the game's release is pegged to be a pivotal moment in the FPS space.

The launch date for Immortals of Aveum has been set - players can mark their calendars for August 22, 2023. In an all-access approach towards its release, Ascendant Studios plans to launch the game across multiple platforms, including PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S, and PC via Steam, Epic Games Store as well as EA’s PC application.

Immortals of Aveum's narrative is constructed on a monumental scale topped by an impressive cast featuring Hollywood stars. An intricate blend of debutants into the gaming world, along with seasoned actors known for similar roles, sets an intriguing tone for its storytelling aspects.

Topping this ensemble is Hollywood veteran Gina Torres who lends her voice to General Kirkan - leader of the Immortals. Known widely for her TV roles in "Firefly", "Suits", and "The Matrix", her presence within the gaming space remains strong through her role as Ikora Rey in Destiny. Players will be stepping into Jak's role - a recent recruit under Torres' command skilfully voiced by Darren Barnett.

"Immortals of Aveum", at its heart, is themed around the 'Everwar' - a persistent and bitter conflict that has stretched out for generations, embroiling Aveum's two most formidable kingdoms. The strife revolves around the control of ley lines, considered mammoth conduits of mystical power. Amidst this turbulent war stage surfaces the hero of our tale – Jak.

Jak's journey takes him from a powerless nobody to a formidable Battlemage as he aligns with the Immortals to hold back any emerging threats from Rasharn. In this epic struggle, Sandrakk emerges as the main antagonist leading the assault on Jak and his allies, with support from his profoundly mysterious second in command – known only as 'The Hand'.

The essence of "Immortals of Aveum" isn't confined merely to its riveting storyline or its gripping characters but is deeply intertwined with its gameplay dynamics revolving around magical warfare. The central fulcrum rests on a highly explosive FPS loop where traditional firearms are replaced by potent Battlemage spells and abilities.

Dubbed Triarch, Jak's gameplay takes us through an interactive interface where he leverages three types of magic found across the realm of Aveum. Each type manifests into unique abilities that symbolically echo weapon functionalities seen in other popular FPS games. We find magic mimicking everything from shotgun firepower to mechanisms similar to Halo's automatically-targeting Needler.

In conclusion, Immortals of Aveum stands promisingly at the threshold of its release aiming to revolutionize how we perceive FPS games today. With top-notch talent driving its development and narrative coupled with widely accessible platforms, it carries forward an incredible opportunity for every ardent gamer to delve into this novel offering come August.

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