Bloons TD 6

  • Patricia Martinez

Bloons TD 6 was made with a new graphics engine, which makes the game look much better than its previous installments. The game has been remade with a new jungle theme and all-new tracks. There is a new rank system that allows players to progress through the ranks as they defeat the rounds.


Bloons TD 6 is a fun and addictive game where you have to pop all the bloons in the level as fast as possible. You have to use guns, special power-ups, and other things. The main goal is to pop all the bloons to win the level. To pop bloons, you have to aim your gun in to the group of bloons and shoot. You can use special power-ups like the glue, freezing, or the pop all bloons. The glue will slow down the bloons, the freezing will freeze the bloons, and the pop all bloons will pop all the bloons in the level. You can get these special power-ups by popping the silver bloons which are special bloons.


Bloons TD 6 graphics are similar to Bloons TD 5 graphics. The graphics are very colorful and vibrant. It is now possible to zoom the screen and see all the levels in the game, unlike Bloons TD 5 where you could only see one level at a time. There are also several new levels.


Bloons TD 6 replayability is an issue many players face after completing the game, because the game is so fun and challenging that the players want to continue playing it.
However, because there's no replayability in Bloons TD 6, players feel bored and quit playing the game. The developers should add some levels which allow players to play the game without spending money and add some new abilities.


Bloons TD 6 controls are simple enough so that they don't need an explanation. Moreover, this game requires only some simple taps and swipes from your fingers. In case you are a beginner, you can always tap the screen to shoot the bloons/balloons with your super bloon popping darts.


Bloons TD 6 is a good game for people who love to pop balloons and don't like waiting for a long time to get some new abilities. Just like the previous versions of the game, Bloons TD 6 is the same but with a few new features. However, it's still a very addictive game.

  • Easy to play
  • Awesome graphics and animation
  • Challenge your friends in the game
  • Need an internet connection to play the game