Unveiling the Machines of Horizon Zero Dawn: A Comprehensive Guide to Combat and Tactics

  • Michael Johnson
  • Apr 11, 2024
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Unveiling the Machines of Horizon Zero Dawn: A Comprehensive Guide to Combat and Tactics

In the visually stunning and narratively rich game "Horizon Zero Dawn," players traverse a post-apocalyptic landscape where mechanical creatures dominate the environment. These machines, each with unique capabilities and vulnerabilities, form the core of the game's combat and strategic planning. Understanding the behavior, strengths, and weaknesses of these robotic adversaries is crucial for mastering the gameplay. This comprehensive guide provides insights into effective combat strategies and tactical approaches to engage these formidable foes successfully.

General Combat Strategies

Engaging in combat with the machines of Horizon Zero Dawn is no simple task. It requires a keen understanding of several key strategies:

  • Preparation and Planning: Before initiating combat, gather information about your adversaries. Use Aloy's Focus to scan machines and identify their vulnerable spots and elemental weaknesses. Equip appropriate weapons and craft necessary ammo to exploit these vulnerabilities.
  • Stealth Approach: Often, approaching machines stealthily can give you a tactical advantage. Hide in tall grasses to avoid detection and use silent strikes to deal damage without alerting nearby machines.
  • Use of Traps and Tripwires: Setting traps and tripwires can effectively control the battlefield. Use these tools to channel or limit the movement of machines, making them easier to tackle individually.
  • Dodge and Mobility: Aloy’s agility is one of her greatest strengths. Frequently dodge to avoid machine attacks, especially those that could cause substantial damage or stun effects.

Detailed Breakdown of Machine Types and Combat Techniques

Horizon Zero Dawn

To truly excel in combat, a detailed understanding of each machine and its combat techniques is essential. Below are some of the game's most iconic machines:


Watchers are small reconnaissance machines that often accompany larger machines. Their primary role is alerting others to dangers.

  • Combat Tactics: A precision arrow to the eye can quickly deactivate a Watcher. Stealth is effective, as these machines can be easily overpowered if approached undetected.


Striders resemble horses and are often used for transport. They can be overridden to serve as mounts or to aid in combat against other machines.

  • Combat Tactics: Striders are vulnerable to fire. Use fire arrows to ignite the blaze canister on their back, causing significant damage. For melee combat, dodging their charging attack before striking is key.


The Thunderjaw is one of the most formidable machines in Horizon Zero Dawn. It resembles a massive dinosaur equipped with an array of weapons.

  • Combat Tactics: Due to its size and power, divide and conquer is the strategy. Focus on disarming its weapons using tear arrows, then attack its vulnerable spots like the heart and radar. Employing heavy weaponry liberated from the machine itself or set up explosive traps to maximize damage.


Horizon Zero Dawn

Stormbirds are enormous, flying machines that pose a significant threat from the air and ground. They can unleash electric storms and dive attacks.

  • Combat Tactics: Grounding a Stormbird is priority. Use ranged weapons to target its electrical sacs to disable its flying capability temporarily and make it vulnerable to more considerable attacks. Close-range combat should be avoided until its electric abilities are neutralized.


Corruptors are spider-like machines that can corrupt other machines, turning them hostile. They are fast and can attack from multiple angles.

  • Combat Tactics: Focus on their thermal exhaust vents using freeze arrows to cool them down and slow their movements. Positioning is crucial, as keeping distance can reduce the risk of being overwhelmed by their rapid, spinning attacks.

Tactical Use of the Environment

Horizon Zero Dawn's environment plays a critical role in combat:

  • Natural Cover: Use rocks and trees as cover to manage the line of sight with machines, particularly with ranged attackers like the Thunderjaw.
  • Elevation Advantage: Gaining higher ground, such as climbing cliffs or using vantage points, can provide safety and a better angle for attacks, especially against larger machines.
  • Exploitable Elements: Environmental objects such as explosive barrels or electric lanterns can be used to create traps or cause additional damage to machines during combat.

Advanced Combat Tips

Horizon Zero Dawn

Last but not least, mastering the following advanced techniques can enhance effectiveness in combat:

  • Combining Elements: Combining different elemental attacks can multiply their effects against bigger machines. For instance, using freeze to slow a machine followed by fire to escalate damage.
  • Quick Switching: Quickly switch between weapons and ammunition types to adapt to dynamic combat situations effectively.
  • Resource Management: Always keep an eye on your resources. Crafting ammunition during combat should be a last resort—plan and stock up accordingly.

In conclusion, the mechanical landscape of Horizon Zero Dawn offers a complex and thrilling combat experience. By understanding and applying a diverse range of strategies and tactics detailed in this guide, players can enhance their proficiency and enjoyment in navigating this perilous mechanical world.

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