Hello Neighbor

  • Michael Johnson
As you make your covert journey to the cellar, it's essential to evade your neighbor's watchful gaze. Employ stealthy maneuvers, take refuge in storage spaces, and utilize an array of gadgets to maintain your cover.


In this interactive adventure, your mission is to covertly enter the residence of an AI-driven antagonist. The artificial intelligence governing your neighbor is exceedingly intelligent, calling for caution and strategy on your part. Assuming the role of a curious schoolboy, you're intent on uncovering the mysterious secret concealed within your neighbor's basement. Direct confrontation isn't an option thus, you must employ stealth and cunning to infiltrate the home and navigate your way to the hidden depths below.


Greetings to the Neighbor boasts impressive visuals. As a spine-chilling adventure, its auditory enhancements are top-notch. The visual fidelity is remarkably sharp, with an absence of technical flaws. It stands out as an excellent fright-filled title suitable for a younger audience.


The capacity for repeated enjoyment in "Hello Neighbor" is notably impressive. To this very day, I find myself periodically returning to the game. My playtime has already surpassed the 100-hour mark.

I attribute the game's strong allure for multiple playthroughs to its dynamic nature. Each session feels fresh because the neighbor adapts his tactics based on how you've played previously. If you've been ensnared by one of his traps before, anticipate encountering an increased number of cunning snares the next time around. Trigger too many traps, and you'll notice the neighbor becomes fiercer in his pursuit. He might also boost his surveillance efforts by installing additional cameras or even introducing a canine companion to help monitor the premises. On top of that, he might reinforce his defenses with a solid barrier near the fence. All of these elements contribute to a continually evolving challenge that keeps bringing me back to the game.


Hello, Neighbor presents a user interface similar to those seen in many interactive video game settings, allowing players to interact with the digital realm using gaming controllers, often utilizing a mix of keyboard keys and a pointing apparatus like a mouse. However, the creators have also designed the game to be compatible with the use of a game controller for those who prefer a different gaming experience.


I genuinely take pleasure in immersing myself in this game. The only thing holding it back from achieving a stellar rating of 9 or 10 for me is the controls, which don't quite hit the mark. Despite that, the game is fantastic. Should you find yourself with sufficient leisure time, it's absolutely worth adding to your collection.

  • Challenging to play
  • Good graphics
  • Interesting story
  • Hello Neighbor game is difficult to play
  • Hello Neighbor game is not good for players who don't play horror games