• Michael Johnson
You can actually play with your friends on your team and you can build a fort and shoot your enemies with a variety of different weapons and even explode yourself! You can also play it on the computer. The game is free to download.  Whenever I want to play with my friends, I usually play it on my phone. It has a lot of fun characters and a lot of cool weapons. It is also very fun and addicting.


Fortnite is a famous battle royale game where you have to fight against 99 other players in order to survive and be the last one standing. The gameplay in this game is very interesting because you need to build fortresses around you in order to survive and protect yourself from other players. You will start the game from the starting island area where you will have to find weapons, food, healing items and other things that can help you to survive. 

To build a fortress around you you will need resources which are wood, brick and stone. You can easily find them in the game. You can gather them from the forest, mines and other places. You will also need a lot of coins in order to buy weapons, food, healing items and other things that can help you in the game.


Fortnite graphics are quite cartoonish but they still look very good. I was quite surprised at how good they look. I honestly didn't think that they would look as good as they did. They look quite nice and they make the game look very fun and enjoyable.


Fortnite replayability is quite good, due to the game being fast-paced and full of action. Another reason is that Fortnite is a battle royale game, a genre that has got a lot of popularity recently.  That means that Fortnite is going to be played for a long time.


Fortnite controls are easy to learn and use. Fortnite controls allow players to move and aim with more precision. Players can customize controls for their own preferences.


In conclusion, Fortnite is a great game. It has nice graphics, great gameplay and it is enjoyable to play. Overall, I would recommend this game to anyone who likes battle royale games, tournament games, first-person shooter games, survival games, crafting games and games that are very fun and enjoyable.

  • Multiplayer
  • Creative Mode
  • Zero Gravity
  • Available on many devices
  • Drum Gun and many more
  • Not-Free Solo Campaign
  • Many cheaters