Among Us

  • Michael Johnson
Impostors, on the other hand, have to complete a sabotage mission and eliminate the crew before they can finish their tasks. This game offers the option to be enjoyed in one of two distinct styles of play.


The visual design of Among Us employs two-dimensional imagery, yet it remains notably sleek. Despite being in the preliminary stages of release, the Among Us boasts an impressive array of content and offers considerable potential for repeated playthroughs. Also, simple graphics help the game to have better performance.


Among Us boasts impressive replayability due to its engaging and brisk gameplay. Virtually every match stands apart from the last, given the mystery surrounding the Impostors' identities and the diverse range of maps. The game's rules are straightforward and simple to grasp, as every player has to balance between the tasks and the suspicion (e.g., if the Impostor is suspected to be a certain player, it is in the best interest of the Impostor to act like a Crewmate to avoid suspicion). Additionally, the game's captivating nature makes it a simple task to develop a habit, with the allure of consecutive playthroughs and the thrill of securing multiple victories in succession.


The Among Us controls are simple, similar to other similar games. As you can see, you need to use only two buttons to play Among Us game on your mobile device. It is very easy to choose another player or to choose the action for this player.

Bottom Line

Among Us presents an intriguing and distinctive gameplay experience brimming with possibilities. Even though it's just at the beginning phase of its launch, the game already features a remarkable variety of material and presents plenty of opportunities for gamers to enjoy multiple rounds. For the full experience of the game and to play without ads, you should get the game for your mobile device or for your PC, but you can freely have the trial version for as long as you need/ Additionally, you have the option to enjoy the game alongside your buddies.

  • Good social aspect
  • Well-designed maps
  • It is very fun to play with your friends or family
  • The most important advantage is that the game is free
  • The game has the most basic graphics
  • The game has a limited number of maps
  • The game is too simple