• Patricia Martinez
In your games, you can build stuff and play with other players. There are many different games you can play by yourself, or with your friends.


In Roblox, you can make your own character, or you can even change the game to make it your own. With Roblox, you can create your own game, and it's also a social network for kids. You can play games and chat with your friends. You can also create your own games and even make money off of them. Roblox is a great game for kids and teens.


Roblox graphics are cartoonish and 3D. They are very simple, but the game is loved not for graphics, but for the gameplay. The graphics have not changed much since the game started.


Roblox has very high replayability due to the great amount of content in the game, avatars, worlds, player-made minigames, Roblox has it all. Another reason why Roblox has high replayability is that you can play whatever you want. If you want to play a shooting game, you can play a shooting game. If you want to play a building game, you can play a building game. If you want to play a role-playing game, you can play a role-playing game. There are so many things to do in Roblox that you can play the game over and over again, and it will be different each time.


Roblox controls are easy to learn, however, in some worlds or minigames you might have additional actions bound to different buttons. But in general, controls are very basic and take almost no time to learn.


Roblox is a very unique game that combines the social aspect of social networks with the gaming aspect. Roblox is very unique and has a huge player base. This is a great game for kids and teens to hang out with their friends. This game is free to play, and there is no age limit, so anyone can play it!

  • Massively multiplayer
  • Lots of content
  • Huge games
  • Free
  • Cheaters
  • In-game adverts
  • Parental settings and precautions