Geometry Dash

  • Patricia Martinez
The game features a variety of music and different levels to play on. The game is very popular and downloaded by thousands of people a day.


In Geometry Dash, you have to help your character move through levels. You will have to avoid obstacles, jump over gaps, and try to reach the end of the level. The game is not that easy because you have to move fast and avoid obstacles. If you want to help your character get through obstacles, you will have to use the arrow keys and jump or double jump by pressing the up arrow key.


Geometry Dash graphics are hand-drawn and they are really well-drawn. The shapes are drawn with great accuracy and creativity. The game developers have taken time to draw each and every shapes with great accuracy. It is interesting to see that how a simple game like Geometry Dash have such wonderful graphics. The game developers have invested a lot of time in drawing the graphics. I am sure that it is not possible to draw such graphics with the help of computer graphics software. The game developers must be a good artist who know how to draw shapes and graphics in the paper and then scan the paper and finally design and implement it in the game.


Geometry Dash replayability is a big part of the game, especially in the later levels. Because there are so many levels and so much content, it would be hard to replay the entire game, so the player is given the option of rotating through various levels, in random order. The levels are placed in chronological order, however, so if the player chooses to replay a level, the level they are currently on is placed in the back of the list. This allows the player to replay a level, while still having choice over which level to replay.


Geometry Dash controls are very basic and simple, especially on mobile, so it will be very easy to learn them. Geometry Dash controls on mobile are as easy as tapping on the screen. However, there are some specific controls for Geometry Dash on PC, which are a little bit more advanced.


Geometry Dash is a simple and exciting game, which will be very interesting to play. It will bring a lot of fun to the player. Geometry Dash is a very interesting and addictive game which will keep the player glued to the screen. Geometry Dash is a perfect example of a great indie game which has a lot of potential. The game will have a lot of success in the future.

  • Good soundtrack
  • Many levels
  • Ability to share game progress with friends
  • Great graphics
  • It is very difficult