Coin Master

  • Michael Johnson
You will start off with some gold coins, which you will use to trade with other players. You will collect various buildings, which when collected will give you coins, which you can use to trade with other players or purchase new buildings. There are different types of buildings, which will give you different types of coins, for example, the Oil Rig will give you oil coins, while the Bank will give you gold coins. There are also upgrades, which will help you earn even more money. The game has a nice colourful design and it is very easy to navigate.


In this game, you will be able to build a town with different buildings and stores. There are also some characters that you need to meet in this game. You can collect golds, silver coins and treasures for your town.You can also buy or sell different things. You can find the different things that you need to do in the game from the dashbord. You can buy or sell the things that you want to do. You can also find the different tasks that you can do in the game.


Coin Master graphics are quite simple, because the game itself doesn't have any intense gameplay, but the graphics still look nice.


Coin Master replayability is average. The game is extremely similar to Hay Day, a game I played for a long time. I played it for hours, days and months on end. After a while, I got bored and deleted the game.


Coin Master controls are quite easy to learn and use. You can use swipe controls for moving your character in the game.

And you can use tap controls for tapping on the screen when you are in the cave. You have to tap on the screen when the red arrow is on the moving block. There are also buttons for "Pause / Menu" and "Skip Level" in the game.


Coin Master is a good, simple and fun game. I had many hours of joy playing this game. This game is also very similar to other games I played in the past, like Hay Day, which I played for a really long time. I think this game is worth downloading and playing. I hope you enjoy the game like I did.

  • Free
  • It is a game that is very easy to play
  • It is a game that is very good to kill time
  • This game has a lot of interesting features
  • This game has only one level of difficulty, which is very easy to play