Gang Beasts

  • Patricia Martinez
Proximity is key to landing a punch, as you need to be within arm's reach of your foe. Tossing an opponent off requires you to grapple them at close quarters. The game's stages are meticulously designed with an abundance of detail, enhancing the overall experience. Coupled with impressive visuals, Gang Beasts offers a highly enjoyable gameplay experience. While mastering the controls may present a slight learning curve, they become incredibly rewarding once familiarized, adding to the Gang Beasts's engaging nature.


The playing experience offered by Gang Beasts is truly unparalleled compared to any other game I've encountered. While there may be other titles out there with comparable elements, they haven't been part of my gaming repertoire. The cooperative aspect of this online game greatly enhances the enjoyment — strategizing with friends is a crucial element of gameplay. The number of instances where an unintended tug from a fellow player has led to my character's demise is countless. It highlights the necessity of teaming up and moving as a unit for successful gameplay.


Gang Beasts presents a visual style that seamlessly blends whimsical, animated designs with elements of realism. The game's avatars mimic the exaggerated proportions and lively expressions typical of classic animated figures, boasting a robust stature and a range of emotive gestures.

These avatars maintain their cartoon-inspired aesthetic, featuring ample builds and faces capable of conveying a wide spectrum of emotions through limited yet impactful movement options.

The setting in Gang Beasts strikes a balance between playful, caricature-like appearances and authentic touches. It gives off an impression of being crafted from paperboard materials, complete with minimalistic embellishments and occasional fissures adorning the surfaces. Despite this seemingly simplistic design, the environment is richly textured with urban art adorning its spaces and an assortment of intricate items scattered throughout.


The enduring appeal of Gang Beasts stems from its brisk and dynamic gameplay coupled with engaging multiplayer options. The game allows you to craft unique custom game modes for a more personalized experience when playing with buddies. Multiplayer functionality stands as the cornerstone of the game, accommodating up to four players who can innovate their own styles of play. Moreover, with an extensive array of diverse stages available, the game offers ample replay value.


The control scheme for Gang Beasts is straightforward and bears a resemblance to the setup found in many other brawling titles. The game features designated buttons for executing punches and kicks, which can be combined in various ways to unleash a range of attacks and combination moves. The game's popularity is greatly enhanced by its user-friendly interface and control layout. Players have the versatility to employ individual buttons for specific strikes—separating punches from kicks—or to perform both types of attacks with a single button, depending on their preference or play style.


Gang Beasts presents a captivating and amusing experience for those who enjoy multiplayer gaming, boasting distinctive mechanics that set it apart. While the core concepts are straightforward to grasp, achieving proficiency presents a considerable challenge. Despite its exceptional entertainment value and evident promise, there's a lingering sense that the game could be further refined. However, its appeal skyrockets when enjoyed with a circle of friends, establishing it as a perfect option for communal amusement. For an enhanced shared experience, players have the option to get creative and devise their own custom game modes to enjoy with their companions. In pursuit of a delightful gaming experience, I strongly recommend rallying your buddies to partake in the hilarity of Gang Beasts. The game's enjoyment factor increases exponentially with the camaraderie of group play.

  • Multiplayer
  • Easy to play
  • Huge variety of cosmetics
  • Easy to learn
  • Has problems with performance
  • Difficult to obtain cosmetics