Genshin Impact

  • Patricia Martinez
Genshin Impact is free to download and available for many popular platforms, such as PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS, and Windows. The game was created by miHoYo in 2020. While playing, you will experience a highly-detailed combat system alongside an extensive plot and a great mass of things that you can do in the game. Developers regularly update Genshin Impact and add new content.

What is Genshin Impact game?

The plot of Genshin Impact tells us a story of a sibling, who is searching for his brother or sister (depends on who you pick at the beginning of the game). There was a fight between you and a dangerous beast who kidnapped your family member. Your goal now is to explore the big game world called Teyvat. During your exploration, you will meet different characters that will help you to find your sibling. You will be able to create a team of characters. Each hero has its own unique abilities and skills. However, you can use only one character during fight scenes. The maximum number of heroes in your team is 4. You can switch between them anytime you wish and combine their skills to deal more damage to the enemy.

You can use characters who can deal ice damage to your opponents, and then swiftly switch to the character who offers fire talents. Genshin Impact allows you to try out different fighting styles to find out the one that suits you the most. Genshin Impact is an open-world game that allows you to perform many actions that are unusual for other RPG games. For example, you can cook various dishes that will provide you with power-ups for your fights. You can make your characters stronger or provide them with additional stamina. The game offers in-app purchases. You can buy different crystals or other items that will help you to level-up your talents or will provide you with a new powerful weapon. You can also do side-quests and explore the nearby locations to find some rare equipment.

Genshin Impact graphics look cartoonish, but all the objects are nicely detailed and clearly distinguishable. In addition, you do not need a strong device to run the game. There is a great variety of well-detailed animation and fight effects that can definitely draw your attention. Characters and their combat talents also look differently during fights.


We recommend you to download Genshin Impact because it is an exciting game that offers a large variety of content that can draw your attention for a long time. You will love this game, especially if you are an action-rpg fan. 

  • The game is free to download
  • You can explore the large game world
  • A great number of characters you can get into your team
  • Exciting combat system
  • The game offers in-app purchases
  • Some people might not like the graphics