Stumble Guys

  • Michael Johnson
Developed by Kotostorze, the game has been taking the gaming community by storm with its unique physics-based challenges. This first-person game makes for some hilarious fails, as well as a Whacky World with bright colors and plenty of unlockable outfits. If you’re looking for an intense battle with plenty of hilarious moments, Stumble Guys is the game for you.

A Battle Royale With Platformer Elements

At its core, Stumble Guys is a battle royale. Players race against 31 other opponents, with only one emerging victorious. You’ll be able to run, jump, and dash to the finish line, as well as overcome various obstacles. You’ll have to dodge, weave, and jump over them to advance. The course designs vary in complexity, with some requiring a bit of lateral thinking in order to make it to the end. 

The Colorful, Whacky Graphics of Stumble Guys

The visuals of Stumble Guys are colorful and bright, making for a lively and entertaining experience. The game sports an overall cartoonish feel, with amusing little touches like characters doing cartwheels and flips when they fail. The physics-based havoc also adds to the chaos, making for some hilarious moments of failure.

17 Unique Courses, Each More Chaotic Than the Last

It features 17 unique obstacle courses, each more chaotic than the last. You might find yourself orienteering in a jungle, jumping from a crumbling wall, or avoiding water-filled tubes while dashing madly to the finish line. You’ll have to be quick-witted and light on your feet in order to make it out on top.

Online Multiplayer and Party Mode For the Ultimate Battle

Stumble Guys offers both an online multiplayer mode and a party mode so you can show off your skills to your friends. The online mode pits you against 31 other players, and the last one standing wins the battle. The party mode, meanwhile, allows you to play with your friends and compare your skill against each other.

Unlockable Outfits and Emotes

One of the great things about Stumble Guys is the ability to unlock various outfits and emotes. These come in the form of coins, which you can collect while playing the game. There are plenty of different items to collect, so you can customize your character the way you want.


Overall, Stumble Guys is an exciting game that takes the battle royale genre and adds some unique platformer elements. With its vibrant graphics, wacky obstacles, and unlockable items, this is one game you won’t want to miss. Whether you’re playing alone or with friends, Stumble Guys is sure to provide a great time.

  • Unique obstacle courses
  • Fun and colorful graphics
  • Battle Royale Online multiplayer
  • Party mode for friends
  • Physics-based havoc
  • Unlockable outfits and emotes
  • Lots of hilarious fails.
  • There are a few issues with connection and lag that may happen occasionally
  • The difficulty of the courses may be off-putting to the casual player.