The Garfield Movie

  • Michael Johnson
Directed by Mark Dindal and voiced by Chris Pratt, the film promises a mix of humor and heart as Garfield reconnects with his estranged father, Vic. However, the movie's reception has been mixed, with some praising its charm and others lamenting its departure from the classic comic strip character. In this review, we'll delve into both the strengths and weaknesses of the film, examining its animation quality, storyline, and overall execution.

The Garfield Movie A Mixed Bag of Adventure

Animation and Visuals: A Visual Feast or Feast for the Eyes?

The movie's animation, provided by DNEG Animation, offers a bright and colorful portrayal of Garfield's world. The characters are visually appealing, with detailed fur textures and expressive faces that capture their personalities. However, some critics have pointed out that the animation can feel "visually flat" at times, with compositions that seem oddly half-populated and somewhat cheap. Despite these shortcomings, the vibrant color palette and smooth movement keep the audience engaged, especially younger viewers.

A Heist to Remember: Thrills and Spills in the Storyline

In the story, Garfield, Odie, and Vic get involved in an adventure involving breaking into Lactose Farm to steal milk for Jinx, a vengeful Persian cat. This storyline is a significant departure from Garfield's usual lazy antics and sarcastic wit. While some fans may appreciate the new direction and the action-packed scenes reminiscent of a heist film, others might find it jarring and out of character for the famously lethargic cat. Nevertheless, the film manages to weave in moments of humor and emotional depth, particularly in the evolving relationship between Garfield and his father, Vic.

Comedy and Charm: Pratt's Take on Garfield

Chris Pratt lends his voice to Garfield, bringing a new dimension to the character. While some purists may miss the more traditional deadpan delivery, Pratt's performance is imbued with a certain charm that fits the film's tone. His portrayal captures Garfield's laziness and sarcasm, with a few instances where his natural voice shines through. The supporting cast, including Samuel L. Jackson as Vic and Hannah Waddingham as Jinx, add depth and variety to the characters, although the villains can sometimes feel one-dimensional.

Comedy and Charm Pratt's Take on Garfield

Music and Score: A Soundtrack to Remember

John Debney's score complements the film's adventurous spirit, marking his third collaboration with Dindal. Additionally, the soundtrack features original songs by Snoop Dogg and John Batiste, which add a modern and lively touch to the film. "Let It Roll" by Snoop Dogg and Keith Urban, in particular, stands out as a catchy and energizing piece. However, there are moments where the music feels overbearing, detracting from the quieter, more introspective scenes.

Reception: Mixed Responses from Critics and Audiences

The 2024 adaptation has received a varied response. Rotten Tomatoes reports a 37% approval rating from 123 critics, with an average rating of 4.8/10, describing it as diverting for kids but lacking the essence of Jim Davis' creation. Metacritic's score of 31/100 indicates generally unfavorable reviews. Despite this, the audience reaction has been more forgiving, with CinemaScore grading it a "B+" and PostTrak giving it an overall positive score of 73%. The divergence between critical and audience reception highlights the subjective nature of enjoying a film based on beloved characters.


Overall, The Garfield Movie provides an entertaining, though inconsistent, viewing experience. While the animation, music, and voice performances bring a fresh and lively take, the storyline's departure from Garfield's classic character and some flat animation elements may not appeal to everyone. It's a mixed bag that might not satisfy hardcore fans but offers enough fun and heart to be worthwhile for family audiences.

  • Bright and colorful animation
  • Expressive character designs
  • Humorous and emotional moments
  • Strong voice performances by Chris Pratt and Samuel L. Jackson
  • Engaging soundtrack with original songs.
  • Visually flat at times
  • A significant departure from Garfield's classic character
  • Some one-dimensional villains
  • Overbearing music in quieter scenes
  • Mixed critical reception.